Lefteris Miaoulis


Athens, Greece

House & Decoration

I’ve photographed more than 5.000 houses through the years. I mostly worked on a 4”X5” Linhof Technikardan with Rodenstock and Shneider Lenses. I now work with a full frame Nikon with lenses from 18 to 210mm. I am an existing light photographer and I compute exposures in multiple, sometimes confusing ways, in order not to loose the atmosphere and the feeling of a scene. 
Much of my work has been made with the colaboration of Kyriaki Dovinou.

A Vacation House besides Athens Airport.

Existing Light photography, inside and outside views plus a beautiful garden with a swimming pool.

A Boutique Hotel. 
Finikia, Oia, Santorini.

Pictures oh Heliophos boutique Hotel, a small but beautiful one, built in the traditional village of Finikia, Oia, Santorini.

A Luxury Vacation Villa, Mykonos

Shots of this luxury villa done in one day with existing light, under some difficult and high conrtast lighting conditions.

A House in Southern Peloponese

A project of a reformed old warehouse found near the medieval port of Koroni, Peloponese, Greece.

Besides the Sea, Kardamyli

A old fisherman house besides the sea, near Kardamyli, Peloponese, Greece, is renovated to a new Home.

Pelion, a Village House

Pictures done in one day's time. Existing light photography. Scenery as found

Samples of published features to Magazines

I worked for many Greek and Foreign House & Decoration Magazines.

A Cafe in Athens

A renovated cafe in Athens

a Spa in Athens Center

A Spa in a 4 room flat in Athens