Lefteris Miaoulis


Athens, Greece

Fine Art Photography


Pictures of the Stavros Niarhos Foundation

Montpellier, France

Getting around Montpellier

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Aegean Sea B&W film photography

Some B&W Roll Film images shot with a Hasselblad on Agfapan 100.

Vitala. Shooting in a village near Kymi, Evia, Greece.

This is a unique environment of a real village, a place not trying to attract tourists.

Carnival Festivities, Patra, Greece

Street photography during the preparation of the big Carnival Parade in Patras

Mavdrodafni. Drunk youngsters

Drunk youngsters group participating into Patras Carnival Parade

Emborio, a Medieval Castle Village, Santorini

A very small castle village with ultra narrow streets

Santorini, late Autumn pictures in B&W

The magic of the known Island under my personal way of view

Patras Town Cityscapes

Citiscapes and people from the town of Patras

Penteli Mountain

Landscapes from Penteli Mountain, overlooking Athens

Sikinos Island

A quick pass from Sikinos Island, Southern Aegean, Greece